PHDI is an acronym standing for PHilippines Diving Instructors, and is a national organisation for professional diving instructors, established in 2012 in Polangui.

Sportsdiving first appeared in Europe. When joining PHDI as a diving instructor, you will benefit from the support of highly experienced professionals, a guarantee of succes for your activities.

PHDI is providing high level training from international certification agencies, such as TDI, SDI, ERDI, CMAS, RSTC, IDEA, CEDIP.

PHDI professional diving instructors offer you a service which meets all your requirements.

PHDI was created and is managed by a French native 3* diving Instructor, Jean-Luc Perus.

Jean-Luc Perus married a Philippines resident and has become resident himself.

You can easily contact Jean-Luc Perus either by the contact form or by phoning +63 998 407 5019 (from Philippines) or +33 65 22 59 700 (from Europe).

Jean-Luc Perus is a recognized :
3* diving instructor from CEDIP (n°98335)
And from TDI SDI ERDI (n°18018)
And advanced Trimix Instructor CMAS ( N° INT/F05/SP/2013/001191)
And from IDEA RSTC (n° 1987)
Certification agencies.